Product Validation Specialist

Product Validation Specialist essential job functions

Validation (Needs assessment)

  • Analyze and validate customer needs and challenges;
  • Assess current competitor offerings;
  • Understand market demands and issues;
  • Attend conferences and events related to the domain you are researching;
  • Find out how “people feel” about a specific problem, pain points, with the help of interviews and surveys
  • Research trends and industry related studies/documentation from Romania and abroad;


Market/Company Research

  • Conduct market research on industry trends, emerging technologies & individual start-ups;
  • Research and analyse investment candidates (start-ups), the markets they serve, and their competition;
  • Work with Fortech Investments marketing team to connect with inbound leads and manage funnels;
  • Grow sales pipeline for Fortech Investments programs, including external outreach with prospective companies to evaluate product market fit;
  • Create reports and presentations of research and present findings to leadership teams;
  • Prepare monthly & quarterly materials for review with the leadership team.


Deal Process & Due Diligence Assistance

  • Assist with the deal process; contract management, due diligence, calculating financials;
  • Conduct business due diligence to assess companies and their products;
  • Manage opportunities in the pre-investment stage;
  • Maintain internal tracking of opportunities for reporting purposes;
  • Assist in the preparation of Due Diligence documents and presentations for the investment team;
  • Work closely with the rest of the Products and Marketing teams to manage companies through the investment process;
  • Gather financial data & key business developments from portfolio companies and prepare reports for the investment team;
  • Record & report on Fortech Investments revenues generated from portfolio companies quarterly and annually.

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