Why we invested in SaleSqueze

 With increased pressure to enhance product performance and utilization, manufacturers face a critical challenge: the misalignment between sales and manufacturing teams. This misalignment has been detrimental, particularly for businesses offering complex products. At the same time, the demand for quick, accurate quotes, seamless purchasing, and transparent delivery has increased. However, traditional sales processes, plagued by lengthy procedures and complex product configurations, struggle to meet these expectations.  

Manufacturers of complex products encounter three primary challenges: 

  1. Lengthy sales processes due to the need for precision and involvement of many stakeholders.
  2. Further delays caused by product complexity.
  3. Manual and difficult price calculations that require 100% accuracy due to slim margins.

Sales representatives are increasingly burdened with administrative tasks, leaving them with less time to sell. According to Salesforce, sales reps spend only 28% of their week selling, down from 34% in 2018. This imbalance leads to a hurried sales process and less time to meet quotas. 

Most players in the CPQ (Configuration, Price, Quote) space focus on enterprises, offering mainly services that are complex and costly to implement. These solutions often require significant customization and maintenance, which is not feasible for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The competition fails to address the unique needs of SMEs, such as ease of use, quick setup, and affordability. 

SaleSqueze offers a no-code, self-service Visual CPQ solution tailored for manufacturers of complex products. Their platform enables sales teams, partners, and customers to configure products visually in real-time, reducing the need for extensive support. This approach simplifies the sales process, making it intuitive and efficient.  

The platform’s visual interface helps customers understand product features clearly, reducing support costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. By allowing customers to configure and order products independently, SaleSqueze shortens the sales cycle and increases sales efficiency. 

SaleSqueze’s contrarian approach lies in its no-code, self-service model. Unlike traditional CPQ solutions that require extensive customization and technical expertise, SaleSqueze empowers users to create stunning visual and guided experiences without any coding. This democratizes the ability to offer complex products, making it accessible to a broader range of manufacturers. 

The SaleSqueze team comprises industry experts and technology enthusiasts with deep manufacturing, sales, and marketing knowledge. This team’s deep industry knowledge and experience in product development, combined with their innovative approach, make them well-suited to drive SaleSqueze’s success. 

Since launching their self-service version in September 2023, SaleSqueze has achieved significant milestones: 

– Transitioned from service to product with self-service customers. 

– Identified effective distribution channels (webinars, events, LinkedIn). 

– Expanded internationally with customers in ten countries.

– Secured a partnership and investment from EIT Manufacturing. 

– Recognized as one of the “10 Most Promising Startups in Slovenia in 2023.” 

The global market for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software was estimated at $1.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $3.9 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.3%. In Europe, the market is expected to reach $740.6 million by the end of the analysis period, with Germany growing at approximately 15% CAGR. This substantial growth highlights the pressing need for solutions like SaleSqueze. 

SaleSqueze stands out in the CPQ market by offering a unique, no-code, self-service solution tailored for SMEs. Their innovative approach reduces the time and cost associated with traditional CPQ implementations, making it accessible and efficient for a broader range of manufacturers. The team’s deep industry expertise and successful track record further bolster our confidence in their ability to drive significant growth. 

Investing in SaleSqueze aligns with our strategy to support solutions that address critical industry challenges and have the potential for substantial market impact. We believe SaleSqueze is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for digital transformation in manufacturing and deliver exceptional value to their customers and stakeholders. 

In conclusion, SaleSqueze’s unique value proposition, strong team, impressive achievements, and the vast market opportunity make it a compelling investment for our fund. We are excited to support their journey and contribute to their continued success in revolutionizing the manufacturing sales process.