Why we invested in Licenseware

The problem: The hidden costs of software management 

Here’s the kicker: even though a good Software Asset Management (SAM) tool can save up to 30% of a company’s IT budget, many are still on the fence about investing in one. Why? Because they don’t fully grasp the financial implications of not having proper software management. It’s like driving a car without insurance; you don’t realize how crucial it is until you’re in a bind. 

Software management isn’t just a line item on the budget anymore; it’s becoming a strategic cornerstone for businesses. Organizations are now allocating a whopping 21% of their IT budgets toward it. That’s a significant chunk of change, and it needs to be managed wisely. 

The solution: Licenseware, your Oracle licensing guru 

Enter Licenseware. This isn’t just another SAM tool; it’s an entire ecosystem designed to give you control over your Oracle licensing. From identifying false and accidental usage to preventing audit exposure, Licenseware is your one-stop shop for all things Oracle. And get this: their team churns out a new app every month, each designed to tackle specific ITAM challenges. Talk about agility! 


The market

We’re talking about a market that’s expected to balloon to $6.6 billion by 2023. And here’s the kicker: Licenseware isn’t just building one app; they’re churning out an app a month! These apps can either run independently or synergize to offer targeted solutions. Plus, let’s be honest, the market is flooded with generic solutions, and prices are becoming more affordable. It’s a ripe landscape for disruption. 

Why now? 

Here’s a fun fact: A good Software Asset Management (SAM) tool can save up to 30% of a company’s IT budget. Yet, many companies are still on the fence about investing in SAM tools, mainly because they don’t grasp the financial implications of not doing so. It’s high time for a wake-up call, and Licenseware is the alarm clock. 

The team 

  • Highly Motivated: This is a young team that’s hungry for success. 
  • Expert Founders: They know their stuff, and they’re experts in their field. 
  • Proven Utility: How’s this for validation? Their first contract is with Accenture. Yes, you read that right—Accenture! 
  • Fast Learners and Adaptable: In the ever-changing landscape of IT, adaptability is key, and this team has it in spades.