• Industry: Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence
  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Why we invested in Synaptiq

The problem

Cancer treatment is a race against time, and radiotherapy is a crucial part of the treatment for many patients. However, the process is fraught with challenges: 

  • A shortage of well-trained medical staff. 
  • Over 25% of cancer patients in Europe lack access to radiotherapy. 
  • Tumor and organ-at-risk identification is time-consuming and error-prone. 
  • Long waiting periods between diagnosis and treatment. 

The solution: Mediq software by SynaptiQ 

SynaptiQ’s Mediq software leverages machine learning to assist in target volume delineation, making tumor identification faster, more accurate, and objective. This not only speeds up the treatment process but also increases the survival rate of patients. 

Unique Features: 

  • High-Accuracy Delineation: Utilizes a unique AI Deep Learning architecture. 
  • Adaptive Learning: Tailors to the user’s individual technique. 
  • Active Revision: Enables quick corrections with just one click. 

The market: A growing demand for radiotherapy solutions 

The radiotherapy market is booming, with projections indicating a CAGR of over 6% from 2022-2030. The global radiation therapy software market alone is expected to reach $847.9 million by 2032. The need for efficient and accurate radiotherapy solutions is more urgent than ever. 

Why now?

Radiotherapy is a vital part of treatment for an estimated 50% of cancer patients. However, the current manual methods are time-consuming and subject to errors. With rising incidences of cancer globally, the demand for efficient and cost-effective radiotherapy solutions is skyrocketing. SynaptiQ’s AI-assisted radiotherapy comes at a critical juncture, offering a solution to a longstanding problem. 

The team

  • CEO: A machine learning expert and awarded physicist, Dragoș has designed AI algorithms at leading cancer research institutes. 
  • CTO: Mihai, an AI enthusiast and experienced developer has been involved in multiple research projects. 
  • CMO: Diana brings a strong background in business administration and has experience in HR analytics at a Porsche subsidiary.